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BSC Total System Assurance

BSC are experts in Total System Assurance providing organisations with a success-based approach for critical asset management, critical engineering and critical facilities worldwide.

Our approach incorporates:

  • Operational Assurance: to ensure effective running of long-term operations
  • Operational Preparedness: facilitating smooth transitions in times of change, for example when moving to a new supplier or taking over the running of a new building
  • A unique suite of dependency modelling tools


This gives Business Directors a powerful, engaging, visual overview of critical infrastructure.

In turn this means you can prioritise actions and investments with ease, based on strategic business priorities and critical global inter-dependencies.

Helping you understand the fundamental criteria that drive your ongoing business success

How we work with you

BSC believes critical business operations require a best-in-class approach to safeguard against the unforeseen. We specialise in developing robust and reliable infrastructure for your world-class operational team. This clarifies roles and responsibilities in your team and enables their calm and efficient responses.

The BSC Total System Assurance approach ensures the fundamental functions of operation and maintenance effectively support your business success.

This approach requires an in-depth knowledge of each system and their component parts and means we work in four key areas – Plant, People, Process and Premises – each of which must operate smoothly and effectively.


bsc key areas plant

Critical Environments depend upon resilient mechanical and electrical infrastructure to support the requirements of the business. Covering the full asset life cycle through design, procurement, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and replacement.


bsc key areas

The human element within Critical Environments is a vital component of operational success. Beyond suitable qualifications; practical system familiarisation, training and hands on experience of installed systems is key.


bsc key areas process

Documented, validated, tested and well drilled processes and procedures help to transfer knowledge, assist training and imbue critical system familiarisation and confidence within the operational team.


bsc key areas premises

The location of Critical Systems within Critical Environments from risers and enclosures to the facility as a whole, covering access, fire protection and environmental control is integral to operational success.

Who we work with

BSC specialises in helping organisations in Financial Services, Technology and Data Centres. Our expertise includes:

  • Corporate governance
  • Critical engineering
  • Project management
  • Incident management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Health & Safety


We’re known in the industry as the people who help you put a new model in place to achieve success – and hence reduce vulnerability to risk.

Working with BSC means your interests are represented with an impartial view and a positive approach – based on dependency modelling, data integrity, simplicity and impact.

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